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for the lovers,
the dreamers,
the storymakers. 

Nara Maw

I shoot from the heart and create from my soul, photography is my core medium within the arts and has been one of my greatest creative outlets for over 6 years.

My family and I live the rural farm life, we are so very lucky to grow the vege gardens we do and live off the land. Vince is away in the warmer months contracting, making feed for local farmers while Im out with camera in hand capturing memories for lovers and families + documenting my own children's endless summer days.

Here I am, as human as I can be with a hunger for the authentic and constantly pivoting trying to find the most sustainable way to be here. I thrive on human connection, being a creative and the little things in life that fill my cup - coffee in the morning, good music and decent run along the beach.

This space was created for the lovers, the dreamers
and the story makers.

Nara x

I'm here for you... to capture you both, experiencing an  unforgettable day you'll treasure forever.

Photographs are memory keepers

They take you back to a place in time, where there is emotion, connection and story.

As an elopement and lifestyle photographer, my aim is to create a narrative that is emotive and true to you. I make honest imagery to evoke feeling, to take you back to a moment, to encapsulate a space time.

Photographing these celebrations are an addictive high and an incredible honour to be invited into such a personal space and document the nerves, the raw emotion and the rituals chosen to reflect love. Im here to work along side couples with open communication to ensure that we are all on the same page for how the puzzle pieces of the day will fit together.

Photographing life from pregnancy through to additional babes is of course dear to my heart being a mother myself.
There is nothing more wholesome and grounding than creating maternity portraits within Mother Nature and when documenting motherhood those nostalgic moments can last forever, our children grow so quick! Everyone says it and unfortunately its true!
Family, Im not the first to say this but these photos are of the greatest importance. Once a year document that time, these are the photos bound in albums that we share with the next generation.
These are the images that your loved ones hold dear once your physical self no longer exists here.
These photos are truly of the greatest importance.
I don't want a love story from an old movie as a muse – I want to hear your love story; I want you to be the influence behind and in the imagery.

Im not interested in replicating, I want you to show up as the individuals that together create family.
Let's create real imagery!

Stories of love & life


Just you + yours... together

The Notebook

Recent stories of couples and family's

I'll always live for the creative life,

the light, the connection, the feeling.

Northland Wedding Photographer Nara Maw