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Creative Photography - Northland, NZ.

Be Like Water my darlin'

Be like water my darlin'
Never stay in the same place for too long
Fall gently like a sun shower
Pour like a thunderstorm
trickle like a stream
Flow like the current of a river
Be as still as a lake at twilight
Be as vast as the ocean
Be like water my darlin'
We are not here long.

Creative Photography by Nara Maw

This creative photography session was inspired by growth that we as humans go through throughout the years and the decades of our lives.

Toria and I originally organised to go to the Te Paki sand dunes but with a last minute change of plans we headed to Waipapakauri. Together we walked through the forest and made our way to the dunes of 90 Mile Beach, the landscape itself told a story of growth, from the seedlings to the wild windswept trees.

The hand full of memories from the past were represented in florals, we are shaped from how we feel and the longer we hold the less we will grow.

My deepest thank you to Tori for walking along side me and breathing life into this work, thank you x

Magnificent florals by Duncan Rd, your creativity and passion inspires me x

- Photography & Poetry by Nara Maw from The Lovers Photography.