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Coordinating outfits for your session

The colour palette of the wardrobe creates the aesthetics for your session, when put together correctly your images will be visually pleasing to the eye, meaning you'll want to swoon over them time and time again.

There are points that need to be taken into consideration

  • The location

  • The Season

  • The look you are hoping to achieve

You'll want to take into consideration the colour palette of the location, if you are having your session at the beach then wearing blue will compliment the surrounding, however if the whole family were to wear neutral colours then you'll blend in with the grasses. If you are planning on having your session in the forest, avoid dark shades and lean towards lighter shades, this will make you stand out from the background, eyes are naturally dawn to the lightest part of the image so if your wearing a light coloured outfit against a dark forest background you will look absolutely incredible!
Take in to consideration the season, this is important because the surroundings change colour throughout the session and you'll also want to dress appropriately. Your children and yourself need to feel comfortable to be able to get the most out of your photography.
What look are you hoping to achieve? What is on trend comes and goes and I don't think there's anything wrong following trends, I wish I still had my purple plus platform shoes (yes I am from that generation) it shows fashion eras. If your not following along with trends then classic denim combo will live on forever. 

The beautiful Whittaker family below chose white and beige as their base colour and added blues with mums dress being a brighter shade and giving the images that pop. They compliment each other and the surrounding without anything dominating the other.

Starting point . . . . .

When putting together your wardrobe for your session you'll want to start with your main (base) colours. These can be your pants/shorts, shirts and dresses. Then add in accent colour, this isn't a must but if you want to add a little something more you can do by adding a pop of colour. This could be done by a muslin baby wrap, coordinating accessories between mother and daughter or pulling an accent colour from a dress/shirt and finding a similar coloured accessor for a younger family member.

I recommend the first outfit you begin with is the mothers of the family, find something you love and feel confident in. From here build the other outfits around yours.

Be comfortable, it will show if your kids hate what the are wearing, if the clothing is itchy or they are too cold/hot. It does not matter how good they look, their faces will show how much they dislike what they are wearing in the photos. If you have teenagers, include them in choosing an outfit, this can be a challenge, I have a teenager and the thought of this makes me want to cry but it does work out so much better when the day comes to have your photos taken.

When we feel confident,
it is reflected in the way we hold ourselves and within our expressions.

Authentic photos come from true feeling, how comfortable we are is expressed by the openness we show.
The more open we are the more of our true selves shine.

Adding colour

Another way of adding colour to your imagery can be by a bright pop or a more subtle take.
Adding floral crowns not only bring colour but texture to an image. Theres can be small and delicate or massive and bold, the crowns add another element as well, without and outfit change.

These are beautiful to add to your session, let me know if you would like to adorn one and I can give you local recommendations. 

Adding texture

Textures and patterns can add unique and a personal touch to your session as long as it doesn't clash.

Texture can be added with different fabrics, velvet, lace, leather or shimmery/sequins. Maternity is the perfect time to use a different fabric, especially if beginning with family portraits. By adding a touch of something different it put emphasis on mum creating a focal point of the story within the imagery, just remember to stay within your colour palette.

The BIG don't do it is wear clothing that has logos, bold or busy patterns/prints. These show as incredible distracting in your imagery and take away from the people within the imagery


When putting together your outfits for your engagement photos taken in to consideration the colour palette for your wedding day. That way if you plan on having a photo book at your wedding for people to sign or have the images displayed they will look cohesive throughout. 

Colour your day  . . . 

When choosing the colour palette for your wedding day think about how that colour will reflect from the beginning to the end. Take in to consideration your ceremony location and reception and how that colour will flow throughout the day.

Your vendor team are there to offer you their professional advice when ist comes to selecting florals and decor for your day, so your not alone but it is a good idea to give your colour palette thought before you set your heart on a colour that'll either clash or blend in. This is very important because this will be reflected in your imagery.


Patrick and Mary wanted to create imagery that was bright, colourful and a bit quirky.

Mary's blush dress created the perfect base colour, her florals popped against the olive grove and the beach. Patrick's shirt and beige pants complimented Mary perfectly with an accent of blush added with his tie. 

Together they stood out from the background and the florals added eye-catching contrast. 

There look was so simple but so well done that you don't notice the simplicity. The colour palette of pinks and neutrals is like delicious cake topped with sweet colourful icing of the perfectly textured florals.

Beach Wedding

Rachael and Callum beach wedding styling was hamptons meets the far north. Throughout the wedding venue blues were dressed throughout with whites creating a lovely timeless classic look.

Rarawa Beach created a magnificent backdrop for their day and the colour palette beautifully complimented their chosen location.

Having a palette of two colours creates a timeless, creating imagery that is delicate, classic and clean.


From the ceremony through to the reception, Racheal and Callum's day flowed effortlessly, Niketa from North Events created the look with her phenomenal creativity and incredible attention to detail.

The textures were endless and the blues continued to tie everything together.

The untraditional

Rereata and James got hitched at Bayleys' Beach in the Bay of Islands.

They fell in live with the place as soon as they seen it and didn't want the beauty of the landscape interrupted and choose to so with a simplistic styling and decor of their day, however they added vibrant pops of colour creating a colour palette to be indulged in.

Golden sequins and pink pumps were complimented by a beige summer suit, with coffee martini's in hand adding to the neutral colour palette. 

The rave

Think day time rave with all your favourite people, shimmer and shine tassels with pinks hues of zinnias and dahlias.

Energetic, bold colours popped throughout James and Rereatas day. By choosing to keep the day simple, no arch, no cake and no out door styling the vibrant colours could breath without the space becoming too busy or decor styling and dress styling competing with each other. 

This is creating a day that truly reflects your love!

This is the day when two people say I do, this day is to reflect your love, the lives you share.