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Your day through the lens

Your wedding day is a reflection of the love and lives you share, and Im one lucky human that has the honour of witnessing this through my lens.

What is the most important to you?
When you think about your wedding day photographs what is it you envision? 
A collection of candid moments? The dreamy sunset images? 

Together we'll create a timeline that allows the space to capture what is most important to you. 
But most importantly a photograph cannot exist without light, Im not going to write an essay here on the technical side of light but I will explain how light creates mood and what is required to create timeless imagery.

Here Ive written about how light shapes your day as well as things that can take away from your imagery. Ive broken this into each part of a wedding day to make it easier to digest!

The parts of your day photographed will depend on the coverage you have chosen, half day coverage is from the ceremony onwards and full day coverage will capture it all.

Timing is everything, not only in regards to light but the ebb and flow of a wedding day.
Always add buffers to your timeline and take into account travel, its also a good to check if there are events on as this could hold you up in traffic.

I love working with couples and creating timelines, Ive found over the years that the day is far more enjoyable and couples are able to relax when a timeline is created with the space and time allocated correctly.

Your Venue

Couples pour so much into their venue styling while others choose for a minimalist vibe. 

When we create the timeline of your wedding day let me know if this is of importance to you, if it is then I'll need to know the timing for when the venue will be completely set up as well as the ceremony area. 

I love seeing what other vendors have created, how everything comes together on your day!

In regards to lighting, if you have candles or other lighting creating mood these will need to be turned on for the photographing of the styling however the full impact of the mood may not be noticeable until the evening.

The Morning Of

I love this part - its the nerves, the excitement mixed together with glam happening then finally putting on that dress.

Your wedding day has finally arrived!

For this part - the more window light the better, this creates enough light for me to move around throughout the morning photographing from different angles vs if there is not a lot of natural light then I am limited or additional light will have to be created to be able to photograph the morning of.

It's so important to make sure the space you are getting ready in is clear of mess and clutter. Have a designated room for the bags and any other additional items.

When I arrive in the morning I usually photograph the details first, this is the rings, the dress/the suit, your perfume/cologne and jewellery + and other special details. Make sure these items are all together, this speeds up the process so where not running around finding the items. 

Key Notes for the Morning Of

  • Have your dress/suit with other detail items to be photographed.

  • Will There be a first look with the Father?

  • Have the space clear of mess and clutter. 

  • Don't forget to eat, make a platter so you can nibble. Sometimes nerves can get the best of you and you won't feel like eating.

  • Hair/MUA - Check in with your hair stylist about night before prep, as well as your make up artist.

  • Put together a playlist of your fav jams to keep you at ease.

  • Delegate, delegate and delegate . . . . it's not about being bossy its simply that this is your day to enjoy. surround yourself with key people you know you can rely on to get the last jobs completed or if anything pops up.

The Ceremony

The time of your ceremony sets the layout for the rest of your timeline.

The timing of documenting the morning and when your hair/ makeup needs to be completed will depend on the time your ceremony begins and the rest of the days agenda will follow on.

Ceremony time - to put it simply, the higher the sun is in the sky the harsher the light will be. The closer the sun is to the horizon the softer the light will be.

It's recommended to have your ceremony no earlier than 3pm, you can tie the knot and possibly later during daylight savings depending on when your reception begins.

Take in to account the position of the sun at your ceremony time, ideally have the sun directly behind you.

Don't forget to put together a rainy day plan, it might not be what you want but it is necessary to have.

Key Notes for the Ceremony - When selecting your ceremony location plan out how the rest of your wedding venue will be set up.

  • Always have a rehearsal, ahead of time your Celebrant should be able to give you an approximate timeframe for your ceremony usually a ceremony is 1/2 an hour.

  • Car parking: if the parking area is close to the ceremony location then there is a possibility of vehicles being in the background of your images.

  • The placement of portaloos and rubbish bins. Ideally, you'd have an uncluttered area around your ceremony so that you can be photographed from various angles and you don't want to end up with loos in the background of your beautiful ceremony photos!

  • Take in to account the contour of the land, the flatter the better.

  • If you are having a rectangle arch, level the arch to the horizon or else it'll look wonky in the photographs. 

  • If you are planning on getting married under a tree, have a look as to how the shadows fall on the ground, trees create dapple light and this is not an ideal lighting situation for your skin.

  • Don't forget to let me know if you are having something special during your ceremony.

  • Walking down the aisle - take it slow and smile - let your brides maids know this as well. Have some rescue remedy on hands for those nerves. Walking back down, make sure the confetti is ready and don't forget to stop for a smooch!

The Congratulations!

Pop the bubbles! You just got hitched!

Have a plan for after you walk down the aisle, often couples are like 'where do we go?'
If you have a bar area set up this would be perfect place to walk to, grab some bubbles and wait for your guests to join you to say congrats.

Key Notes for the Congratulations

  • Have a plan for when you walk back down the aisle, who will have the bubbles ready? Where will you walk to?

  • I'll simply be moving myself around photographing you and all your guests, there's lots of excitement and it's a awesome time to capture candid moments.

Family & Friend Portraits

After the ceremony everyone will want to congratulate you, 
in the timeline we'll leave a 1/2  space for you to chat with all your guests and really just soak up the moment.

With all your guests still in the one location this is a great opportunity to take the group photo if you would like one then move onto the Friends and Family Portraits.

I won't sugar coat this but it can get crazy! Trying to pull people away from conversations or grabbing their attention can be tricky.
During this part of the day I'll work along side the MC to gather and group everyone. I highly recommend writing a list of all the groupings and the best way to do this is start big and finish small.
Its also a really good idea to let your family and friends know they will be in official photos after the ceremony.

Key Notes for the Portraits

  • Please have a list, it's makes this part of the day run smooth but also removes an awkwardness if you have had family members pass away. For example - there are no grandparents present, there's no list and I ask if front of all your family.

  • I'll pick a location most suited to light as well as space so everyone isn't bunched up.

  • Start big then go small, start with your biggest grouping then make it smaller and smaller, you can always add people back in as the groupings are being photographed.

  • MC - the louder the voice the better!

The Creatives

The Creatives - these are the photos that'll go on your walls.

I prefer to split the creatives into two parts so it docent feel like a long drawn out photoshoot.

For this part, the whole bridal party will have their offical photos and then will finish with photos of just you and yours.

Prior to the day we'll location scout, chat about what you had in mind for these creatives and put a flexible plan in place so on the day we can jump right into photos.

Key Notes for the Bridal Creatives

  • Before we head off don't forget to do a quick make up touch up.

  • Bring a basket of nibbles and drinks to refuel.

  • Let me know if you'd like to shake and pop champagne or have smoke bombs, Im open to all ideas!

  • Posing - this part of the day I can give a lot of direction, depending on how everyone is feeling in front of the camera.
    I like to keep the posing comfortable, everyone can joke and move around, I'll tweak when needed. Sometimes bridal parties are really relaxed in front of the camera while others rather not be in front of the camera at all. Im here and I understand, I'll give prompts to get everyone relaxed and having a good time.

  • This part of the day can take up to an hour, depending on location and how big the bridal party is. I prefer to split the creative time so that you're not away from your guests for a really long period of time. At sunset/twilight just us three will go and take creatives when the sun creates that beautiful dreamy light. For the part two of the creatives we can spend 20 minutes more, its totally up to you.

The Reception

The last formal part of the day before you get dance the night away.

During this part of the day you'll have a breakdown of order of events, some couples cut the cake on intro while other cut the cake after speeches. How this part of the day flows is totally up to you and yours.

In regards to lighting, Ill be using additional light to create imagery and capture moments.

The main consideration is space - have space around tables so that moment isn't restricted, if I can't get close I can't get the moment. Have your cake out on display not jammed in a corner, we want epic cake photos!

While everyone is having dinner, this is when I take my one break. Images of people eating are awful, haha, so I take a moment to sit and check my gear over. Its really important that the MC knows Im on break and doesn't announce something - I don't want to miss anything!

Key Notes for the Reception

  • Just like the ceremony take in to consideration car parking as well as the placement of portaloos and rubbish bins. 

  • Take into consideration the space around tables.

  • Speeches - You don't have to open the floor and you can put a time limited on speeches - its totally up to you.

  • Order of events - how you would like your evening to flow is up to you, Im here to help and offer any advice, ask away.

  • The Part Two Creatives - This is really important that we are ready to photograph the last of the light - timing is crucial.

The Creatives - Part 2

The sunset edition.

Depending on wether you get married on the east coast or the west coast will determine if you have sunset photos or twilight photos.

This part I love, the light is pure magic and the imagery is timeless. 

It's also the perfect opportunity for you and yours to have a moment together, reflect on the day.
Wedding days are a buzz of energy with so many people around this is the perfect time to steal a moment away . . . . . . and capture some epic images!

Key Notes for the Sunset Creatives

  • Ill find the light and you just take a moment with your lover.

The Party!

Get loose and have a damn good time!

This part is all about the candids, Ill here, there and wherever the moment is capturing you and your guests letting loose!

Key Notes for THE PARTY!

  • Have a damn good time!

I'm here for you... to capture you both, experiencing an  unforgettable day you'll treasure forever.